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      Gordon Bowbrick: Landscape Photographer

      Beginning with my first introduction to photography in my youth, I have been intrigued and inspired by the photographic process.

      A recurring theme within my work involves a fascination with time as it relates to the static image. I explore the camera's ability to stop, stretch, slow or stack up fragments of time within the frame. I combine a variety of conventional photographic techniques with various forms of camera and subject motion to create oftentimes unconventional results. My images tend towards an abstract interpretation, demonstrating a willingness to forego a literal capture of what the camera sees, in favour of exploring a more personal vision.

      Whether the subject matter is Canadian landscapes, still life, portraiture, underwater photography or the portrayal of native orchids, wildflowers and fungi, I attempt to seek out the beauty and share the wonderment which I find both at my doorstep and on my travels. As a long time resident of the Parry Sound district, I enjoy exploring our area's rich flora, fauna and landscapes. Hiking along the trails or out in a kayak among the islands of the Georgian Bay, I find endless inspiration in the beauty and majesty of this place which I am privileged to call home.

      As well as gallery representation, I participate in several local artists groups and contribute to group shows. My photography is in private collections in North American, the EU and as far afield as Asia and Australia.

      Franklin Reflection


      White Rock


      Misty Morn


      Kind Of Blue


      Island Life


      Clear Water


      Gaspar Banks


      Deep Obsession


      Blue Horizon