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Lori Burke

Canadian artist Lori Burke draws much of her inspiration for her work from her inner voice and the pull of the human connection.

A self-taught, ‘intuitive’ artist, she honed her craft through research and workshops. From a very young age, Lori felt a strong affinity for the creative process and this soon evolved into a serious, life-long passion for painting. And, while she attributes her gift to strong intuition and a deep connection to the soul, one cannot deny the fact that she also comes by her craft, quite honestly. Her great-grandmother, sometimes referred to as a Canadian Grandma Moses, was a well-known artist who painted and exhibited her work well into her 80’s.

Originally from the Horseshoe Valley ski area, north of Toronto, this full-time, internationally recognized artist now resides in a picturesque waterfront town in Ridgeway, Ontario, where, more often than not, she can be found in her home studio working on one of her well-known nature-inspired series. While her primary medium is acrylics, she often incorporates mixed-media to enhance the movement, grace and drama ever-present in her Canadian paintings.

Lori is continually working on new pieces for competitions, collaborations and commissions. She is also committed to giving back to her community and sits on the board of The Fort Erie Arts Council as well as teaching art classes to patients in the Walker Family Cancer Center in St. Catherine’s Hospital, Ontario.

Mists Of Avalon


Ocean Floor


Enchanted Evening


Purple Haze


Moody Blue