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    Angela Lane: Canadian Encaustic Artist

    Angela Lane creates art out of her studio in Thornhill - art that reflects how she sees nature through her hikes and kayak trips across the lakes of Northern Ontario and digging deep in
    her gardens.

    Growing up in the small town of Chatham, her crayons, charcoal and paint became some of her best friends. She knew then she had to do something art-related with her life. She pursued studies and began her career as a graphic artist working in the advertising industry for 20+ years. She continued to study fine art at York University and Ontario College of Art & Design University, adjacent to the Art Gallery of Ontario, that became her second home.

    She called herself “a maker, a creator and a drawer in fine arts” until she discovered encaustics and felt she had found herself as a professional artist.

    “The response to encaustic painting was immediate. I love the freedom of letting loose with my brushes and torches as a piece takes me on a journey of discovery where organic shapes and colours are pulled back and forth in ethereal layers, building and revealing as a story comes to life. These visual reflections of her ‘happy places’, places visited and reimagined, allow one to build on the imagery of one’s mind and complete the story.”

    Angela also likes to give back to the art community and is the Outdoor Show Director and past Executive Director of the Artists’ Network, helping artists like herself with their art career. She also co-founded Creative Adventures Events that bring creativity retreats to the non-artist.

    Angela’s has been presenting her work in the Canada and the US since 2019 and has participated in over 60 shows. Her work is in private and corporate collections in Canada, the US, and Europe.

    Colourful Connections


    Happy Day


    Finding Light


    Summer Blue


    Horizon Dreams


    Summer Day of Joy at the Lake


    All In A Row


    Summer Joy


    Misty Morning