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Catherine Cadieux: Abstract Artist

Colour and the environment are key components which fuel my artistic expression. The changing seasonal palettes are fertile artistic ground. Colour often creates an emotional response in both the artist and the viewer. The lush spring greens, the hot yellows and pinks of summer, the rich opulence of autumn and the crisp clear whites of winter all contribute to my need to paint. These changing colours often reflect my own physical, emotional and spiritual moods. The seasonal kaleidoscope allows me to enjoy the moment while anticipating the approach of change. The seasons are such a vital part of Canadian life, and Canadian art, in a metaphorical sense are symbolic of our own life cycle. Each season brings vibrancy and meaning into both my personal and painting experience.

Where Strength Is Found


Our Place


Growing Together


Reaching New Heights


A Song for Autumn


Through The Generations


A River Runs Through It


Follow The Tree Line


Hug A Tree