Elena Dinissuk: Canadian Landscape Artist – Cloud Gallery
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Elena Dinissuk: Canadian Landscape Artist

Elena has always felt like an artistic soul; she took to painting later in life, and is constantly working on perfecting her technique, and pushing her creative boundaries. Her main medium is acrylic, which Elena likes due to its vibrancy and versatility. Elena's work is inspired by Canadian landscapes - the open skies, the majestic trees, the blue waters, and the highways you can take to get there.

This she all finds in the province of Ontario, where she lives in Washago. Her passion for painting combines her love of learning about nature and the world around her.

Elena's style is distinct and memorable, with paintings containing movement, flow, and positive energy. She hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating it.

Warm Clouds


Something to Look Forward


Driving to Muskoka


Running to the North


Together Up North


Blazing Beauty