Nancy Yanaky: Impressionist Landscape Art – Cloud Gallery
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Nancy Yanaky: Impressionist Landscape Artist

Nancy is an impressionist-style landscape painter who enjoys experimenting with colour. She finds inspiration in the Canadian landscape, experienced during kayaking trips to northern Ontario as well as hiking to beautiful scenic lookouts. Georgian Bay, Killarney, French River, Algonquin Park, and the Laurentians of Quebec are favourite destinations. Nancy studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design. For most of her career she has worked creating art with high school students who have developmental disabilities. In the last decade, Nancy felt a strong desire to paint to express the joys she feels in nature.

Algonquin Forest 2


Killarney Breeze 2


Killarney Dreaming


Spring Pine Lookout 3


Chikanishing Trail Paddle


Paddling Passageways


Summer Sunset 3