Victoria Pearce: Canadian Artist – Cloud Gallery
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Victoria Pearce: Canadian Artist

The labyrinth patterns within Pearce’s landscapes are a reflection of the connectedness which she finds in nature. All of it’s elements are constantly moving, be it a rushing waterfall, a cloud filled sky or even the infinitesimal movement of rock formation. Here, she finds inspiration during her morning ritual, paddling the waters and walking the trails at her cottage on the edge of Algonquin Park as well as in Muskoka, the Kawarthas, Hamilton and the length of Bruce Trail’s waterfalls, cliffs and forests.

Victoria executes her intriguing Canadian landscapes, floral and nest paintings in her studio in a historic building in Hamilton’s James North Art district.  She lives in Hamilton with her husband and hiking companion, poodle Mae Mae. She exhibits throughout Ontario in numerous galleries and shows.

Nova Scotia Romance


The Quiet of Heavenly Island


Potts Falls Patterns


Full Blown White Pine


Somewhere In Canada


Double Delight, Walters Falls


Follow The Flow, Bracebridge Falls


Granite Edge


On Until Midnight