Lisa D. Hickey: Abstract Nature Paintings – Cloud Gallery
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Lisa D. Hickey: Abstract Landscape Artist

For me it always begins with a persistent longing to share the energy and awe of nature, whether it be the vastness of Georgian Bay or the simplicity of a lone tree. I work in oil paint, with all of its natural juiciness, to capture the sensory experience of sauntering through the trees, rubbing wintergreen between my fingers, touching electric moss. Every brushstroke records glowing ridges and grooves. It's all about the texture!  My natural world is alive with vibrating and colliding colour.  I like to think of my Canadian art as windows into a way of seeing with wonder.

Learn To Love The Rain


Luminous Glow


Infinite Light


Following the Trail


Poetry In The Sky


All The Midnight Colours


Wandering Through October


Endless Beginnings


Summertime Blues