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Gordon Leverton: Contemporary Urban Art

A self-taught artist, Gordon Leverton's love of the urban environment has informed his painting practice, placing landscape and architectural design at the forefront. His portrayal of the city’s architectural elements rendered with flattened perspective, bright colours, and strong play of light and shadow has become his signature style. As he further describes his process:  “I break down the city into component. Shadows, buildings, skylines all become part of the same plane and transform into pieces of a puzzle. Using acrylics, I explore a theme common to the urban experience - how community connects us all.” 

In June 2024, Leverton was honoured the 2024 City of Hamilton Creator Arts Awards for his artistic work. In December 2023, Leverton was elected into The Ontario Society of Artists and won the 2023 Art of Heritage Award from City of Hamilton and Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee for his significant role in educating people on Hamilton’s heritage. 

Leverton is well known and highly regarded Hamilton Artist in the arts community of GTHA and is a supporter of young emerging artists. He was invited to participate as a focus group member of the 2023 Locke Street Marker Public Art Project, currently sits on the McMaster Children’s Hospital Art Advisory Committee, is a member of several guilds and artist groups including Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton Arts Council and was the founding member the West Hamilton Artists Tour and has been selected to shown at Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF) – Canada’s largest outdoor art show - for 19 consecutive years. 

His work has appeared in numerous publications, broadcasts, journals and media TV and movies and is widely collected, both nationally and internationally. He is the co- founder of a new project called SOCIAL SPACE – artist-run pop-up arts shows. He makes his home in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Nancy and two children and cat Hugo, typically by his side in him home studio.





Out Of Range


Team Spirit




Entrada (Entrance)


Common Ground


Construído (Built)