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Gordon Leverton: Contemporary Urban Art

Leverton is a self-taught artist working at his practice since 2006. Following his passion for music, he worked in many facets of the music industry including performance, writing, and promotion, which eventually led to fulfilling his dream of owning his own record store. After selling off the store, Gordon became a stay-at-home father, and during his daily walks through the streets and alleys of Hamilton, Ontario, he became fascinated by the inner networks and webs of the city. His latent love of art and design soon emerged, and he was thus inspired to capture these emotions on canvas.

Leverton breaks down the city into component parts. Shadows, buildings, and skylines, all become part of the same plane and transform into pieces of a puzzle. He explores a theme common to the urban experience – how community connects us all.

In recognition of Mr. Leverton’s work, he was awarded the 2023 Art of Heritage Award from the City of Hamilton & The Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee - which recognizes the efforts of an Artist who plays a significant role in educating people on Hamilton’s heritage. Leverton was also elected into the Ontario Society of Artists in November 2023.

He is the founder of SOCIAL SPACE – a pop up art gallery, makes his home in Hamilton with his partner, children and cat Hugo – typically by his side in his home studio.

Shared Values


Team Spirit




Entrada (Entrance)


Common Ground


Construído (Built)




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Plot Twist